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Highway 141 Project

highway 141 projectWorkers are making progress quickly on the new interchange at Highway 141 and Ladue Road. New girders are in place and the shape of the new highway is taking shape.

MoDOT has a lot of great information on the project on its website. You can check it out by clicking here.

The new road is expected to make life easier for those of us who frequently travel using the current 141. Gone will be the days of the long, slow moving backups that greeted you on your way home every evening.

MoDOT also has a Facebook page going on the project. You can become a fan by going here.

According to MoDOT's website, here is what you can expect for the next few months on the project:

  • Traffic has moved onto a small bypass onto a section of Woods Mill Road just north of St. Luke’s Hospital.  We’ll continue to use that bypass until about August next year when the Ladue interchange will be nearly finished.
  • Crews have moved Toreador to its new entrance on Olive Boulevard.  Now that traffic has moved, crews will be finishing some final elements to put Toreador on its final confuration. Our engineers have added some time to the signal for people turning left from Olive onto Creve Coeur Mills Road in an effort to keep the center turn lane open for people turning into the new Toreador entrance.
  • Ladue Traffic has moved onto a detour that intersects Woods Mill at the signal at Parkway Central High School. Ladue is closed between the signal at Woods Mill and the detour.  See below for a map of the detour.

  • Traffic on Olive Boulevard has moved onto a bypass betweeen Toreador and Woodlake Village Drive to allow crews to construct the future Olive Boulevard Bridge.  The speed limit on this stretch of Olive Boulevard is 30 mph.
Crews continue to construct some of the bridges and roadway on the project. 

New Trustees elected

There was a huge turnout for the annual meeting of Greenfield Village property owners on February 28 and two new trustees have been elected.

Stephanie Pisarski and Carl Bradbury both ran unopposed for two open seats on the board. They will fill the seats formerly held by Keith Bollinger and Paul Nittel, who both chose to retire from the board.

Trustees outlined their plans for the coming year, which include the renovation of more of the neighborhood's cul-de-sacs and some improvements to the common grounds.

A representative from MoDOT outlined the improvements coming to Route 141. Project Manager Tom Montes de Oca talked about the timeline for the project and showed some detailed images of what the road would look like when completed.

Click here for the MoDOT information page on the project, which includes images of the work in progress and what the road will look like.

Click here to become a fan of the 141 project on Facebook

Also at the meeting, Chesterfield Councilperson Mr. Matt Segal updated everyone on the latest developments in the city. He discussed recent layoffs of Chesterfield employees as well as new attractions coming to the city. He said the new amphitheatre and dog park were opening soon.

Mail Problems?

There have been instances of mis-delivered mail recently in our subdivision.

If you experience this problem, please call Jackie Grecko, Postmaster over both the Chesterfield and Town & Country post offices. The phone numbers are 636-532-5999 and 636-391-4970, respectively.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program Needs YOU!!!  We only have a few volunteers who are interested in revitalizing the Neighborhood Watch Program. 

What does a Block Captain do?  When notified via email from the Greenfield Village Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (Carolyn Forbes), share the email message with the addresses you are responsible for (usually 10-12 homes).  This “sharing” can be easily done via email for those residents having email capability.  In the case where a resident does not have email, then hand delivering the message or a phone call is required.  These are your neighbors living within a block of you and this is a wonderful opportunity to meet them!  These notices may be an alert to a recent crime in the area or other important messages.

If you want to sign up to help, contact Carolyn Forbes at sebring@sbcglobal.net. You can also call her at 314-878-5513.





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