When should I contact the trustees?

Any substantial change in appearance requires Trustee approval as well as any change in grade/water flow. However, most maintenance work (i.e.) replacing materials with the same or a newer material that does not change the external appearance of the lot does not require approval.

Below are some examples of work NOT requiring Trustee approval; however such work must still be allowed under the indentures:

  • Replacing your driveway with asphalt or concrete without any size change
  • Siding/painting your house without any drastic color changes
  • Replacing your air-conditioning unit(s) with standard shells/casings
  • Replacing your windows or garage door
  • Replacing your deck/patio with the same type of materials
  • Replacing your roof without any drastic color change
  • Landscaping that does not change the flow of water
  • Replacing shutters with like materials and colors
  • Replacing your fence with the same type and materials

Email the trustees at trustees@greenfieldvillage.info if you have any questions.